Are you wondering how my orders are fulfilled? As an alternative to investing in a bunch of inventory (which wouldn't fit into my one bedroom apartment anyway), I opted to integrate an app called Printful with my website. When you place an order, Printful's team gets busy! They print, pack and ship your order on demand. You'll receive an email confirming your order, along with an estimate of when it will ship. You’ll receive another email when the order has been sent out, along with the tracking number, if available. Most orders ship out within five business days, and a lot of times it's three or less. 

Are you only seeing part of your order? No worries, that's because Printful ships some things separately, like mugs and t-shirts. You'll get an email every time any items in your order are shipped. 

Is there something about your order that's not quite right? If you have a problem with an item for any reason, please contact me and I'll help work with Printful to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Because all items are printed to order, returns will not be accepted unless there is damage to the product. Printful will review replacement/return requests only if there is a missing or broken product, or a printing error, or if Printful receives a complaint within 30 days from the day the product was delivered or within 30 days after the estimated delivery date, if the product is missing.